The Power of Positive Thinking


Last week in class I heard a few students say “I can’t do it” when a skill was taught for the first time. I told them it wasn’t that they can’t do it, it is that they just can’t do it YET and suggested some other ways in which we can change our thinking to help us achieve our goals!

Instead of saying or thinking “I can’t do the splits” say “If I practise every day I will be able to do the splits.”

Instead of saying or thinking “Stretching hurts!” say “The more I practise this, the easier it will get!”



Instead of saying or thinking “They are just a better dancer than I am” say “I am going to work really hard so I can be the best dancer I can be!”

What sorts of things are you saying or thinking on a daily basis that are not helping you? Can you swap up your thinking? Program your brain to think positive thoughts and watch how your life will improve!

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