Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet for $27.50 a week! Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Music and Singing! 

What do I need for classes?

Any drink bottle filled with water

Ready Set Dance Uniform: $45

Ready Set Dance: Black Jazz shoes ($40 from DIS DANCE) and black buckle (or single black elastic) tap shoes ($40 only available in 10.5)

Ready Set Ballet: Pink ballet shoes ($25 from DIS DANCE)

Please feel free to buy any of the above items from Facebook Marketplace and grab yourself a bargain second-hand RSD tutu or the shoes required!

What Performances do we have in 2019?

We have a Half Yearly DISplay on the 1st June where we will be performing 1 Ready Set Dance and 1 Ready Set Ballet item as a team.

We have a Tiny Tots Concert on Saturday 23rd November where all 6 classes will perform separate dances. This concert will also feature some of our older groups at DIS DANCE.

We also give our Pre-schoolers an opportunity to dance 1 Ready Set Dance and 1 Ready Set Ballet item as a team in our studio concert on Saturday 9th November at The Lighthouse Theatre in Penrith but this is completely optional.

Please note that we will also have some extra optional performance opportunities throughout the year at local fetes and festivals as well. Performances are all optional, please let us know in advance if your child is going to be a non-performer.

Are parents allowed to be in the classes?

We have CCTV in our waiting room for parents to watch the whole class every week. We also have special Open Days where parents are able to come in and participate and watch the whole lesson! Please ask us when our next one is!